A series of articles written to help you save money and get the most out of your collaboration with Plan 9 Design.

The Creative Brief

Yes, it’s horrible, low-brow humor but we couldn't resist the pun. So if we're not talking about garish, bizarre undergarments, what do we mean by a Creative Brief?


In short, a Creative Brief is the essential information your designer needs to create marketing materials that nail your clients' objectives.


How do you get that information? You interview the client. Seems simple enough but the quality of the questions you ask is key.


A Creative Brief contains questions that get to the heart of what needs to be communicated:


• What are you really selling? What is the end result of your product or service? What does the customer gain emotionally from your service?


• What is the costumer's perception/opinion of this product, you, and your type of business?


• What single belief would you like your audience to walk away with?


Questions that define roles and expectations:


• Do you have a clear idea of what you think this piece should look like or will Plan 9 be the responsible for transforming the answers to this questionnaire into marketing materials that meet your objectives?


• Are there concepts/symbols/images/styles that should be avoided when communicating with this audience?



Questions that nail down the nuts and bolts:


• Do you have a particular size in mind? If so, please specify the dimensions.


• Is there a particular color scheme, style, or a set of brand guidelines the art must adhere to?


A thorough Creative Brief will help you avoid costly misunderstandings, keep your clients accountable for their part in the process and will help you keep your clients.


Use this link to download an example of a Creative Brief Questionnaire.